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ZionDSP Plugins
Few examples of plugins previously developed by ZionDSP
SpectraOne utilises custom filter algorithms for a unique character - the resonant filter has a life and tone of its own and will happily provide you extreme resonance levels should you require them.


  • Four filter modes including Low Pass, High Pass, Bandpass and Notch (bandpass and notch with adjustable bandwidth).
  • Selectable number of filter poles, from 1 to 8, for everything from subtle filter effects to nice steep roll-offs.
  • Specially developed drive mode to add smooth warmth to the sound, while helping to accentuate the depth and spatial characteristics.
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Some warm, deep drive combined with a splash of smooth EQ, and you get a little plugin that packs a lot of punch!

  • Selectable input mode
  • Smooth, warm drive mode for enhancing the sound
  • Overdrive mode for adding some bite and tone
  • Low boost button to bring out and solidify the bottom end
  • High boost button to add clarity and shine
  • 64bit audio engine
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